Candidate Comparisons

You don’t build your reputation on what you SAY you are going to do, you build your reputation on what you have ACTUALLY done.

Jim Johnson Phong La
26+ years in the Alameda County Assessor's office No experience in assessment
26+ years assessment management No experience in civil service management
No political influence allowed in the office Has said he wants to audit Tesla based on political reasons
No conflict of interest in ownership of property in County Owns property in County assessed at over $25 million
20+ years overseeing computer modernization project No reported IT job experience
Proactive in thousands of market reductions each year Has said he tried to assist about 50 taxpayers over the years
Office cannot offer legal opinions Wants to offer real estate, financial and estate workshops
Complete understanding of Assessor's responsibilities Absolutely no working knowledge of Assessor's responsibilities


Jim Johnson is the ONLY candidate qualified to be Assessor of Alameda County.