Jim Johnson is proudly endorsed by the following:
"Keep your property assessment and taxes the lowest legally possible by keeping politics out of the Assessor’s Office. I strongly encourage you to vote for the only experienced candidate, Jim Johnson on November 6th"
Alameda County Assessor Ron Thomsen
"I fully support Jim in his campaign for Alameda County Assessor. His experience, judgment and character make him the only qualified candidate for this important position."
Sonoma County Assessor William Rousseau
"Experience and integrity count for this position, that’s why I endorse Jim Johnson for Alameda County Assessor."
Marin County Assessor Rich Benson

Retired Alameda County Assessor John Scott

Retired Alameda County Chief Deputy Assessor Russ Hall

Dublin San Ramon Services District Director Rich Halket

Business for Good Government Committee (or BGG), PAC of the
Fremont Chamber of Commerce