Why I am Running

With 26 years experience in the Alameda County Assessor’s office, I’m uniquely qualified to continue the proficient, cost efficient administration of your Assessor’s Office.


As Chief of the Assessment Services Division for the last 10 years, my job has provided experience in operating under budget, effectively resolving personnel matters and addressing assessment legal issues. My leadership of 176 employees will focus on efficiency, productivity, accountability, and transparency.


I will successfully manage the department’s $27 million budget, confident that I can continue the tradition of being reliably under budget while successfully surrendering a timely assessment roll each year.


I pledge to maintain fair and equitable assessments, and to continue our exceptional public service. I will provide the maximum benefits afforded by Proposition 13, independently and proactively reduce assessed values in market decline years, and support higher homeowner’s exemption benefits resulting in lower taxes.


I will continue the current policies that have led to the outstanding average assessment rating of 99.84% in the most recent State Board of Equalization’s survey of our office. I’m a member of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the International Association of Assessing Officers, and hold a California Appraisers Certification.


Our office has twice the IT budget of similar departments and I have led the team in modernizing our office for the last 2 decades.  This has helped me understand every aspect of the office.  We have won national awards for our business canvassing app.  We are working with cities to download their business license databases to assist in business account discovery.  I believe we have the best Assessment System in the State.  The IT budget will be maintained during my term so we can continue our technological excellence.

Full Time Job:  I do not take this job lightly.  Running this department is a demanding job that requires an experienced Assessor that is willing to be full time and be available for the many after hour engagements with taxpayers and community groups.  I will be dedicated solely to this job because that is what the job requires.

I respectfully ask for your vote for Assessor of Alameda County.